Smart Classroom

  • Empower Classroom Collaboration
  • Teamwork is at the heart of modern education. Improve student confidence and competence with EdTech-assisted collaboration.
  • Why does classroom collaboration matter for everyone?
  • Strong communication skills are a top indicator of future success.
  • Students interact with peers to accomplish mutual goals.
  • Shared success improves confidence and self-expression.
  • Effective use of technology improves communication.

The Benefits of Classroom Collaboration

Teachers and students can connect and collaborate more easily than ever.

Improve engagement

Lessons and peer-to-peer communications become more effective thanks to enhanced presentation tools.

Leadership Practice

Students who learn to work together also learn how to play multiple roles on their teams.

Communicate better

Teachers and students work together for a better flow of ideas and deeper understanding in a variety of contexts.

How do you make a classroom that optimizes student outcome?

  • Students perform better in an environment that best facilitates their learning.
  • Immersive learning activities connect students to the material.
  • Effective measurement provides a roadmap to success.
  • Feedback and communication involve students in their education.

Benefits of an Outcome-optimized Classroom Environment

Learning outcomes improve when the classroom has the right tools and an optimized design

Enhanced results

The right tools help students achieve their educational objectives more easily.

Improved comprehension

The combination of engaging media and an efficient setup makes it easier for students to learn and apply their knowledge.

Better interactions

Students learn and work better together when the classroom is set up for collaboration.

Music Everywhere

Music sets the tone and provides the soundtrack to the home. Imagine music playing in any room you choose, or even every room. Imagine your favorite streaming sources available anywhere in the home. While you enjoy relaxing background music in your home office, your family members are listening to their favorite music selection elsewhere in the house—the right music in the right room. RTI enables easy and intuitive control and selection to enjoy music like no other.

Hybrid Classroom

Implement Hybrid Learning

Transition to hybrid teaching and learning easily with an integrated suite of hardware and software solutions.

Engaging, interacting and achieving with social and eco values

Today, with digital media surrounding us every minute of the day, schools and universities must mirror this trend and make teaching and learning both digital and collaborative. In turn, this will lead to better learning results, the ultimate objective!

In bigger lecture halls, the focus for display technology lies with the screen size and ensuring perfect readability even at a distance. Adding software such as the MultiPresenter brings interactivity to even the largest screen with the convenience of remote control.

Whether you are focused on a single small school or one of the largest districts nationwide, Sharp/NEC understands the tech challenges your administrators, IT managers, and teachers face. For years, Sharp/NEC has been developing visual solutions with schools in mind.  Solutions to help with tight budgets, multi-purpose spaces, keeping students engaged.  Solutions offering high functionality and reliability.  Not technology for the sake of technology.

Why hybrid education?

  • Bridge the gap between physical classrooms and digital learning.
  • Deliver consistent quality lessons and interactions in any environment.
  • Maintain active student participation, collaboration, and feedback either in person or remotely
  • Leverage accessible and inclusive EdTech for better student outcomes anywhere and anytime.

Benefits of Hybrid Learning with ViewSonic

Connect teachers and students with solutions made for education

Total Integration

Large-format and personal touchscreen displays for seamless teaching and learning everywhere.

Easy Transition

Allow teachers and students to create a classroom anywhere with myViewBoard.

Improved Flexibility

Implement synchronous (and asynchronous) learning simultaneously with a full suite of built-in tools.

Increased Scale

Open up virtual seats to any size group of students with low-bandwidth virtual lessons.

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