Developments in Large Venue Laser Projection You Must Consider for Future Installs

Laser Projector

Developments in Large Venue Laser Projection You Must Consider for Future Installs

NEC laser projectors: The best solution for your installation

Laser ProjectorsInstall & forget – when there are so many other demands on your time, what a relief it would be if once you had installed your new projector you wouldn’t even need to think about maintenance for the next 20,000 hours? And what if there were many more advantages for your business? We can summarise these advantages into reasons why the new NEC laser projector are the best solution for your large venue installation.

Your trusted companion for big stage presentation

Laser ProjectorsThe NEC  PX803UL laser phosphor projector designed for 24/7 use combines unwavering colour performance based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology and native WUXGA resolution projection with a long-lasting vibrant image without loss of brightness. The installation projector is ideally suited for large venue installations where maintenance-free operation and intensive use are crucial. Your ideal partner for applications in higher education, museums and large corporate environments, as well as rental and staging use.


Easy wireless presenting with the NEC P502HL laser projector

Laser ProjectorsDid you know that the NEC  P502HL laser projector has “wireless presenting” functionality already on board? Frustration caused by connectivity or networking issues and a jumble of cable in meeting rooms are all too common, sapping valuable time and resources. NEC’s P502HL laser projector with already integrated NEC MultiPresenter wireless presenting functionality provides the missing link to achieve a seamless collaborative environment for instant access to shared content and wireless presentation.

Having NEC’s MultiPresenter functionality already on board, the NEC P502HL laser projector saves your time and money during installation. Just insert the NEC NP05LM Wireless LAN Module and enjoy wireless presenting with your laptop, tablet or smartphone running the free downloadable NEC MultiPresenter app supporting Win, MAC, Android and iOS operating systems.

In addition, the NEC P502HL laser projector will enlighten your audience by delivering crisp image quality, even in challenging lighting conditions. Thanks to 5,000 ANSI lumen Laser Light Source for up to 20,000 hours maintenance free operation, the NEC P502HL is highly reliability and serves you a low cost of ownership.

The future is here: Filter-free LCD laser installation projectors

Laser ProjectorsAt the industry‘s leading trade show, ISE in Amsterdam, NEC proved that it is possible to combine a laser light source with LCD technology in a completely filter-free design. It‘s a major step forward for LCD-based projection, the completely sealed optical engine means air filters are not required and filter changes and filter cleaning is obsolete. This news is highly appreciated by establishments with fixed installations since the projector‘s location is rarely easily accessible for maintenance.

The advantages for Rental & Staging partners are also evident; by avoiding manual cleaning efforts after the return of rental projectors, the time needed for maintenance is drastically reduced resulting in better earnings per rental.

Virtually maintenance-free operation for laser based LCD projectors is available for two WUXGA projectors which deliver precise colour processing combined with high brightness levels of 6,500 (PA653UL ) and 8,000 ANSI lumens (PA803UL), creating natural images for compelling presentations and large screen projections in museums, retail stores, events and simulation.

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