Integration with Leading UC Platforms for a Seamless Conferencing Experience

Extron has developed the technology to integrate with the leading unified communication solution providers, providing a one-touch user experience for conferencing, collaboration, and control. Through our partnerships, we can extend Extron control capabilities to spaces that use Zoom, Cisco, Logitech, and many other popular providers. We offer complete system integration for convenient, centralized control of conferencing systems, audio, video, lighting, window shades, and much more.

Control Processors:

Extron IP Link control processors are designed to work together with TouchLink® TouchPanels. These processors enable almost any AV device to be controlled, monitored, and accessed from an eBUS network, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, or the Internet.

Control processors are available with a wide variety of RS-232, IR, relay, contact closure, Digital I/O, Flex I/O, Ethernet as well as an eBUS port. This allows displays, switchers, source devices, screen control systems, and lighting systems to be networked together for centralized management and operation by the control system.

Touch Panels

In many ways, the choice of a control interface dictates a user’s overall satisfaction with the AV system. That’s why we design our TouchLink® Pro user interfaces to exceed expectations for ease of use, then place equally-strict goals on features, security, and smooth, worry-free integration. Our TouchLink Pro family works with any IP Link Pro control processor and is designed for use in AV system applications that require easy, complete, interactive control of a broad range of source devices.

This series includes full-featured, customizable touchpanels that range in sizes from 3.5″ up to 17″, available in a variety of mounting options including tabletop, wall mount, and flip-up Cable Cubby enclosures. Several models feature vibrant, capacitive touchscreens with edge-to-edge glass, and multi-source, high resolution video preview. Our latest generation of touchpanels feature a sleek, beautifully-designed enclosure, quad-core processors, enhanced memory, and scratch and smudge-resistant Gorilla Glass® touchscreens.

eBUS Button Panels

Extron’s eBUS button panels are customizable, integration-friendly AV system control interfaces designed for use with Extron IPCP Pro control processors. eBUS button panels come in standard form factors and multiple units may be linked together by a single cable that carries both power and communication.

Extron eBUS technology is based on a unique digital bus architecture that allows for easy control system expansion, greater design options, and future upgrades. As with our TouchLink Pro touchpanels, eBUS button panels are designed for use with any Extron IPCP Pro Series control processor. A single eBUS button panel can be used as the AV control interface for a smaller system or multiple button panels and touchpanels may be combined when a more elaborate control system is required. Powered and non powered eBUS distribution hubs are available to accommodate a variety of system design topologies.

Occupancy Sensors

The Extron OCS 100C and OCS 100W are ceiling and wall-mount occupancy sensors that provide exceptional coverage using ultrasonic and passive infrared detection technologies. Integrated smart, adaptive software automatically and continuously monitors the environment and adjusts timer settings and sensitivity, providing a lifetime of dependable detection and maintenance-free operation. These occupancy sensors are tested for use, worldwide, and are ideal for any business application where various occupancy-dependent automation scenarios or conscientious energy management are needed.

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