Live Lite

  • Supports multiple templates and up to 1000+ screens
  • PLAYERS can be grouped
  • Able to provide reports on Play count and proof of play
  • Scheduling of content
  • Monitoring of content
  • Monitoring status of PLAYER hardware
  • Multiple screen Content Synchronization
  • Browser-based Content Management
  • PLAYER can be controlled remotely via the server (e.g. Restart)
  • Can be Integrated with Database/Queue Management System (Programming fees apply)
  • Advanced user access control list


Full-featured cloud-based content management signage solution that breathes new life and adds unprecedented possibilities to live displays in virtually any location.

Excellent audio and visual qualities that can turn any display into a magnet that captures attention and engages the audience.

Dynamic content that can be tailored to meet the needs of the moment means you enjoy more effective displays whether for shopping, entertainment, transport or any other scenarios.


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