MXA 310

  • Steerable Coverage delivers precise pick-up for up to 4 independent lobes
  • Shure DSP Suite provides fast-acting automatic mixing and channel equalization
  • Innovative toroid polar pattern delivers 360° coverage, while rejecting sound from directly above the microphone to reduce noise caused by HVAC systems or video projectors.
  • Shure Designer software provides comprehensive microphone and pattern control
  • With Designer, you can also design coverage with online and offline devices, and route audio between Shure devices
  • If Designer isn’t available, use the browser-based web application to control the microphone
  • Four discrete audio channels and an additional automix channel are delivered over a single network cable
  • Dante digital audio coexists safely on the same network as IT and control data, or can be configured to use a dedicated network
  • Control strings available for third-party preset controllers including Extron, Crestron and AMX
  • Sleek, low-profile industrial design blends with contemporary board rooms and meeting spaces
  • Configurable multi-colored LED light ring matches the environment, displays mute settings, and confirms coverage settings
  • Available in white, black, and aluminum finishes


The Microflex® Advance™ table array is a premium networked tabletop microphone for AV conferencing environments, including boardrooms, huddle rooms, and multi-purpose spaces. Revolutionary technology from the Shure DSP suite includes Steerable Coverage™, with selectable polar patterns on 4 independent channels to capture participant audio. The innovative new toroid polar pattern delivers 360° coverage, while rejecting sound from directly above the microphone. Control the microphone with Shure Designer software, or a browser-based web application. The microphone integrates seamlessly with Dante™ digital networked audio and third-party preset controllers, including Crestron and AMX, to deliver a high-quality AV conferencing experience that appeals equally to integrators, consultants, and meeting participants.


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