MXN 5w-C

Loudspeaker technical elements

  • Pre-tuned frequency response optimized for voice intelligibility in A/V conferencing applications
  • Low-profile, shallow-can design compatible with most drop ceiling installations
  • 2-way driver system with 5.25 inch woofer
  • PoE/PoE+ enabled, eliminating the need for an outboard amplifier
  • Integrated Shure DSP Utilities: EQ, delay, limiter, and signal/tone generator
  • 2 Dante inputs and 1 Dante output
  • AES67 compatible

Software-based configuration and control

  • Shure Designer System Configuration software for easy setup and configuration
  • SystemOn Audio Asset Management software for remote management and troubleshooting
  • Shure network audio encryption

Clean design elements

  • Aesthetic design subtly blends into drop ceiling environments
  • Removable magnetic and paintable grille seamlessly covers the entire speaker
  • Removable Shure logo
  • UL 2043 plenum rated
  • Tile bridge accessory for quick and easy mounting


The Shure MXN5-C Microflex Networked Ceiling Loudspeaker provides high-quality speech reproduction for A/V conferencing applications. With a low-profile design optimized for easy installation in drop ceiling configurations, the MXN5 integrates seamlessly with other Shure networked PoE-enabled audio devices using the Dante audio networking protocol.


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