PE505XL LCD laser-phosphor projector

  • [VIEWER] function to project still images saved on USB storage
  • Compatible with wired LAN / wireless LAN (option)
  • Quick power-on, Quick power-off supported
  • Quick start and Direct power-off / Quick power-off
  • Provides 2.0 A USB current for third-party wireless dongles
  • Keystone correction +/– 30 degree Horizontal / Vertical keystone, Cornerstone, Pincushion correction supported
  • PIN security/Control panel lock/Security bar/Security slot
  • Virtual remote tool
  • Wall colour correction
  • DICOM simulation


High dustproof performance is achieved by NEC’s proprietary sealed jet impingement cooling structure. Due to its excellent dustproof performance, this projector does not have the cumbersome filters that ordinary LCD projectors require. The new laser-based LCD projector offers better TCO (total cost of ownership) with less maintenance.


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