Wayfinding Kiosk and Software

Wayfinding Kiosk and Software
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Wayfinding Kiosk and Software

Interactive wayfinding is designed to allow specific directional support from all system locations to any interior or exterior location. Blinking path arrows display the directional route on the maps while text directions offer additional assistance for those who prefer written directions.

Product Description


As people, departments, or other areas move within the client facility, a simple click on that item and then on the new location and all of the maps, text directions and other relevant wayfinding information is instantly changed to reflect the new destination.
Getting people where they need to be is no easy task in a large facility or on a vast campus. Interactive digital signage offers powerful solutions to relegate that awkwardly folded, printed map to the pages of history.
• Mall shoppers key in a brand name product to learn which stores carry the product and get directions to the stores
• Air travelers enter a flight or destination, find the gate number and learn where they can buy coffee on the way there
• A convention hotel connects with a scheduling system and has a large meeting schedule display in the lobby plus smaller panels by meeting room doors displaying the events inside
• A hospital wayfinding system linked to the patient database prints a map to patients’ rooms
• Facility managers easily and instantly update the system when a tenant moves in or out, and the change doesn’t cost a penny