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What is NEC 4K UHD

NEC is in the unique position of offering a portfolio of display products which support both the 4K and UHD resolutions.

What do you expect from a 4K UHD Display or Projector

  • More visual work space
  • Displayed images that remain constant from different viewing angles
  • Accurate, consistent and controlled colors
  • Pixel-free viewing
  • Compatibility with the latest input sources
  • Long uninterrupted operating times

The portfolio of NEC UHD displays has been meticulously developed to fulfill these requirements with a richness of detail, precise and controlled color reproduction, flexible connectivity and a guarantee of giving state-of-the-art technology with investment and future-proof security.


  • CAD/CAM Technical Design
  • Command and Control
  • Simulation
  • Video Conferencing
  • Collaboration
  • Cinema Projection
  • Post Production
  • Rental and Staging
  • Advertising
  • Presentation
  • Conferencing