Smart Station


  • Plug and play wireless connection
  • Connect up to 500 smart devices
  • Real-time reflect smart devices condition
  • Remotely control various smart devices
  • Trigger multiple intelligent linkages
  • AI builder for automated processing
  • Bank-level encryption and security to protect your privacy and data
  • Works with most popular voice assistants (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc)
  • Multiple-protocol support: Works with third-party Zigbee 3.0/HA or Zwave sensors with certain version smart stations.


Smart Station is the gateway to our smart system. As the core of the LifeSmart platform, the Smart Station connects all of your devices and sensors wirelessly. You can stay informed of changing conditions, trigger actions, and remotely control various aspects of your home or office. The Smart Station logically links all of your devices to work seamlessly together.


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