Communications solutions for the way financial services work

Lifesize communications solutions are designed to help you build trusted client relationships. Our unified cloud video conferencing software and room system platform provides a seamless HD consultation experience that is easy to deploy and use. Our cloud contact center platform will empower your agents and differentiate your brand. Lifesize offers maximum application flexibility and customization to support your different service offerings while maintaining quality and scalability.

Focus on your clients with a seamless HD video experience

Deliver a true HD client experience through our mobile-ready, browser-based video solution that is easy to deploy and use.

Ensure a straightforward client consultation experience that requires no downloads, can be launched in a web browser via one click from a text message or email, and offers a fully-featured mobile app.

Offer vivid meeting experiences in 4K quality that produce deeper virtual collaboration and a stronger communication culture within your organization and with the outside world.

Customize the client experience for your firm and manage all users and room systems centrally through the advanced Lifesize Admin Console, making technology easy to install, use and maintain.

Handle different client environments with ultimate platform flexibility

Stretch your investment in hybrid work solutions through premium multi-app meeting room systems as well as cloud video conferencing and collaboration services flexible enough to integrate with many other business apps. Connect with your clients anytime, anywhere, on any service.

Pair Lifesize 4K meeting room systems with most popular third-party cloud video conferencing services including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting and more.

Easily tune and customize your Lifesize deployment to meet the needs of your firm and client service model.

Leverage our open APIs to better manage directories, unique workflows and meeting scheduling, and to interface with other key business information systems.

Video Communication for Accessible Financial Institutions

Client Consultations

Secure Content Sharing

Group Collaboration and Training

Meeting Room Connectivity

Client Consultations

Branch Office and Internal Communication

Remote Employee Work

Enhanced Customer Service

Provide no-compromise, secure client services

Deliver the highest level of client service through award-winning communications solutions that comply with relevant regulations and offer enterprise-grade security and scalability.

Join thousands of financial services and banking institutions around the world using a platform tested in the most rigorous environments and recognized by leading industry analysts like Gartner.

Rely on our AWS cloud infrastructure, global professional deployment services network and 24/7 support to deliver the highest level of client service availability while scaling to any geography.

Ensure security and compliance through enterprise-grade encryption by default, single sign-on compatibility, a rigid focus on GDPR and other major regulations, and independent third-party security and privacy certifications via AWS.

Reach and support your clients through a future-proof platform

Empower your contact center agents wherever they are with a cloud-native, browser-ready Lifesize CxEngage contact center. Power up your customer experience with omnichannel support and AI capabilities, all on a single, tightly integrated platform.

Expect rapid, scalable contact center deployments that keep your agents engaged and your clients happy.
Connect with your clients any way they want through a truly seamless omnichannel experience.

Discover how interacting through a native video channel helps agents build relationships and solve client problems faster.

Make the future of work effortless

We bring over a decade of know-how to deliver trusted cloud contact center and video meeting solutions that help your business run smoothly today and tomorrow.

Hybrid Work


Financial Services

Professional Services

Modernize Your Contact Center

Communications Interoperability

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